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The foundation of all my coaching is language and the words we choose.
This program is a self-paced, six module online program.
PLUS get 6 weeks of my Monthly Momentum program which has free live weekly zoom sessions and a library of bonus content.

Coaching: Have a listen to any concerns or reasons you have around this program. Once identified, compare them to any concerns or reasons you have in your riding. Are they similar?

Experience the difference for yourself, when you get out of your head and ride from your heart.

You will never have spare time or money and it will never be the 'right' time.

Reasons are the enemy of results.

A bit about your mindset coach - Selina Iddon

Whilst always having a passion for horses, I was 40+ before our family packed up our suburban lifestyle and followed my dream. I then studied and become a certified life coach with International Coaches Federation and undertook MANY other personal development and training courses.  Also participating in many horsemanship clinics, my business focus was drawn to equestrians facing the same challenges I was working through.  Over the past 10 years I have modified exercises and performance techniques specifically for equestrians.  Phone private coaching, zoom online seminars and co-hosting clinics, the result has been hundreds of happy clients with incredible results. Now, after 6+ years in the making, I am sharing the best of my tried and tested methods in this online program. 

Thank you for considering this program and I look forward to hearing about your amazing results.

Change takes courage, I get it.
My coaching is a kind and safe space to grow.